ROC City Baptism June 28, 2015

Toxic Past? Bad Decisions? Get a Do Over

I LOVE the beach. I love the water, the sand, the breeze, the sun- I love it all. I was lucky enough to live near a beautiful beach for four years, a beach that people spend their savings to take a vacation there. A perfect beach. Now living in Rochester NY, we have Charlotte beach. […]

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Halloween, Church and Christian Rules

Every year when growing up, on October 31st, I won a goldfish. This was the highlight of my night. Sure, the rest of the “harvest party” was fun – the candy, the games, the contests- but all the other activities were just time fillers until it was that big moment. The moment where I got […]

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This I know

People told me that church planting would be hard. They told be that it would be the hardest thing Jen and I have ever done. I should have listened. I remember sitting in meetings, listening to countless pastors talk about the ups and downs of church planting. I didn’t understand what they were talking about […]

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Child Dedications!

There is a full fledged war going on in my house right now. Tears have been shed, yelling has ensued, sides have been taken. The war is between my 16 month old daughter and I. Over a pacifier. Paci. Binkie.  Binker. Nook. Who knew a little piece of plastic could cause so much havoc? Would […]

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Good thing the church is the people, not a building

Have you ever read the statistics on church planting? They aren’t great. Dismal at best. Facts are, most church plants are not successful. It’s not for lack of passion or trying, its because- for lack of a better explanation- its just a really hard thing to do. We wrestled with the statistics. For months, even years. […]

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Faith – Not Easily Shaken

It seems like at various points in your Christian Walk your faith is always tested. It might come with something that seems small and insignificant or it could be something that you feel like your just barely hanging in there. I feel like a lot of times as Christ followers things that aren’t that big […]

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