Child Dedications!

Posted on Saturday, July 12th, 2014 by Jen Chappell

There is a full fledged war going on in my house right now. Tears have been shed, yelling has ensued, sides have been taken. The war is between my 16 month old daughter and I. Over a pacifier.

Paci. Binkie.  Binker. Nook. Who knew a little piece of plastic could cause so much havoc?

Would knew a 16 month old could launch herself into a 45 minute temper tantrum for not getting her way?

Obviously I am exaggerating about this “war”. But this little battle is one of the many things that has reminded me how hard this parenting thing is. There’s no rule book, no operation manual. .. we just have to figure things out on the go.

That being said, I want to do the best I can raising my children. That’s every parents hope right?  We are all just doing the best we can. So why do Christians choose to dedicate their babies? If all of us are trying to do our best anyway, what is the point of a ceremony?

A child dedication is simple. It’s just a public declaration,  in front of family and friends, declaring that you are going to do the best you can to raise your kids. To raise them in a Godly way.  To do your best to honor God in their lives.  To do your best to show them and teach them about living for Christ.

It’s not about the ceremony. It’s about having something in the atmosphere change when you get in front of other people and say God is first in our family and this child’s life.

It’s about that child knowing that he is first Gods, and then yours.

Sunday,  July 20th, we are offering child dedications. Come join us! My daughter will be there with Paci in hand :)

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