Toxic Past? Bad Decisions? Get a Do Over

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 by Jen Chappell

I LOVE the beach.

I love the water, the sand, the breeze, the sun- I love it all. I was lucky enough to live near a beautiful beach for four years, a beach that people spend their savings to take a vacation there.

A perfect beach.

Now living in Rochester NY, we have Charlotte beach. It’s not bad. It’s pretty. It will do the job if the kids want to play.

And Abbotts is right there so…..

But I think about Lake Ontario a lot. Most of us that live here know that sometimes you can’t swim in the water.

Can’t swim at the beach? That doesn’t make sense!

Truth is, sometimes the water gets so dirty that you can’t swim in it.  It’s toxic. Gross. They put warning signs up everywhere, urging you to stay out. You might turn radioactive if you get too close.


On a different note, we are having our FIRST water baptisms at Roc City Church. I am super excited about this. And I wanted to explain to people who don’t understand, what baptism is all about.

I kept coming up with different stories, scriptures, explanations – and kept thinking of Lake Ontario and the dirty water.

Are we planning on baptizing people in dirty water?

Ha, no.

But what is baptism?

It’s a symbol, a profession of faith – that you are leaving your old life behind and following Jesus.

It’s important.

And not just because it’s in the bible and because Jesus tells us to do it.

It’s important because this “symbol,” this “profession,” changes us. It’s an outward sign of what is happening on the inside.

When we get dunked in the water – we are leaving all the crap, all of our past, everything we are ashamed of, right there in that water.

It stays there, and we come out a new person.

A Christ follower.

We get a do-over.

That’s why I picture Lake Ontario. I think its extremely similar to what our baptism water would look like if we could actually see the stuff we left in it. 

Your toxic past. Your bad decisions. Disappointments. Failures. Who you WERE.

But it all goes away and we start fresh. New. That’s the good news of Jesus. 

I would encourage you to leave it all behind and consider baptism on June 28th with us.

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